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Aint Got A Friend - Drunken Eejit - Under The Influence


6 thoughts on “ Aint Got A Friend - Drunken Eejit - Under The Influence ”

  1. Feb 25,  · I (28/F) got drunk and stayed at my friend's (29/M) and my fiance (31/M) kicked me out for violating his trust. Relationships Throw away account for obvious reasons.
  2. teamwork makes the meme work ribosome. Hunk Oh snap I got friend requests from them too just now! pidgeypie god you type like you're drunk but i know how bad dysphoria can feel, especially in an uncomfortable environment. Fucking Loser omg OMG PIDGE ALL THRU OUT THIS MONTH.
  3. Nov 22,  · I tore into my friend while drunk, now she's shut me out. How do I fix this mess? my two best friends and I went out and got drunk – well, at least I did. and get too hot under the.
  4. He was my best friend and I trusted him but he spiked my drink and then had sex with me. My story starts in January when my best friend had turned 18 and we were going clubbing to celebrate. I didn't want to be coming home loud and drunk so he said that people could stay at .
  5. But I ain't got you. I got a tavern and a liquor store. I play the numbers, yeah, four forty-four. I got a mojo, yeah, don't you know, I'm all dressed up with no place to go. I got women to the right of me. I got women to the left of me. I got women all around me, But I ain't got you. No, I ain't got you. I got .
  6. Mar 24,  · I'm 21 and was recently at a house party with my friends including a guy named Stephen who's bisexual and a couple of girls. We got very drunk and as far as I can remember we all ended up havin in an orgy upstairs. Normally that would b ok and I'm straight but I was told next morning that I had gay sex with Stephen. I felt sick and now I can't talk to him at all. I'm too embarrassed and.

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