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The Path I Take - Miozän - Ignorance


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  1. Ignorance is choosing to do something just because someone told you that you need to, or that you should without doing the research for yourself to make an educated and informed decision. Get a Ignorance mug for your mate Beatrix.
  2. In Theravada Buddhism, "one who is worthy"; a perfected person who has attained nirvana (liberation) or those who are far advanced along the path of Enlightenment but who may not .
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  4. Beware, Dangerous, False, Ignorance, Knowledge, More, Than Quotes to Explore When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.
  5. MIOZAN - HARDCORE uploaded and posted 3 years ago MIOZÄN - The path i take - Duration: 2 minutes, 16 seconds. MIOZÄN - "Ignorance" - Duration: 2 minutes, 54 seconds.
  6. ignorance is bliss. It is better to remain unaware or ignorant of things that may otherwise cause one stress; if you don't know about something, you don't need to worry about it. The expression comes from a Thomas Gray poem ("Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College"): "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.".
  7. In the same manner, cessation is peace and the path leading to it is the cause of that peace. The happiness we seek can be achieved by bringing about discipline and transformation within our minds, that is purifying our minds. Purification of our minds is possible when we eliminate ignorance.
  8. Dec 14,  · They have but strayed in ignorance from the Path of Right, and God is merciful to ignorance. Only the fulness of knowledge brings the fulness of accountability. Our Heavenly Father is far more merciful, infinitely more charitable, than even the best of his servants.

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